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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Voices of the 99%

This site serves to archive the stories of the 99% everywhere. The site is set up as an audio blog, which allows people to tell and record their own stories via any telephone. The stories are recorded with an automated system and posted here. It is our hope that the site will serve as an important document in the future, an archive of stories of the Occupy movement and beyond.

Tell about your current situation
Offer thoughts and analysis
Report from an event
Witness a situation

Anonymity is always respected - Names not necessary.
Please share if you feel it's appropriate.


Voices of the 99%

1. Dial: (512) 827-0431
2. Enter PIN 111-787-070#
3. Press 1 (to record and publish)
4. Enter blog number 1000
5. Record your story
6. Follow cues to Preview, Re-record, or Save and Publish your story

Stories are published @

Mark Cooley : email flawedart@gmail.com